We are a little lovley cattery in Hamburg.

We live togehter with our childrens

(Justin 10/02 und Emilia Joline 12/04)

our dog and our cats in a house.

All animals are members in our family and can go to all rooms.

Also they have a 20 qm roof-deck (terrace), where they can go when they want, and they love it really, and enjoy it every time :)

They´re all with so lovley temper, at the first thing they´re our lovley teddys;)

They have of course they vaccinations and are devurmed. When the cats are old enough, we´re testing also HCM

Lolita is our first breeding female, so lovley wonderful girl, and sooo lovely mother.

We are also very happy and proud about our wonderful dreamboy DK* Rimturser´s Salsa, he is really our Dream and we´re soo happy about our beauty and purring boy.

We want to breed norwegian healty with wonderful type and expression, we fall in love for longer time and wooonderful temper :)

We breed the "normal" colours (not the new colours) and favour it with white and classic tabby- but the colour is secondary for us.


Our vet :

Dr. Thomas Lehwenich (Kleintierklinik Kotzian)


(to continue- the text is not ready now ;))