Please note our new E-Mail adress! And our contact-form are not working the last time, so if you e-mail us, and didn´t get an answer, please send me again :)


25.Mai 2010~

Yipppiiieeeh, the first offspring from Jadakiss and Embla are born.

3 BIG miracles she present us in the evening. I am SOO in love and think they are looking reeaaalllyyy promissing at all. Embla is a fantastic mother and the Trio drinking satisfield on her milkbar :) With near 3 days they all have over 200 gr, how nice! Goood Milk mummy :-))

Mai 2010~

After a longer show-break we go to the show from our club, only a half hour from us.We take Jadakiss, who was the second time on a show, and the first as adult in open class with 12 months. Also Dinesh saw his first show. Both have exellent judgements and Dinesh got his nomination on first day against 2 beauty coonie-babys. On Second day he get the nomination too and Jadakiss beat beauty other adult males for the nomination, as also in Panel against much older males with 3 of 4 votes, WOW... we where so speakless, :)) against the female who also won with all votes (my nerves :)) so he get the Best in Show and also Best of Best 3 ... what a nice start for his first showweekend after long time... we are soo proud !

April 2010

Only a few days that we have kittens again :-)

And it seems that the date from Embla and Jadakiss was successful, so we expect the little cuties in the end of may- EXITED! :-)


Welcome Home sweet creme-boy :-)

We expect Kittens










ruary 2010-

i try to update now my sites, i have a lot of pictures from our growed-up-kittens, thanks a lot :)

Also new plans for spring and some more interesting plans for 2010, we are so exited and looking forward :) Some more infos it gives soon :))

october 2009-

because of family-circumstances ( bereavement ) i didnt update for longer time our website- i am sorry for it. Please be patient


Some new pics from our J-sweethearts, they are just adorable, soo cute and develop very nice and promissing, we just LOVE them a lot . :)


Some new pics from the J-Litter and I-Litter, only from Isyss are following the pics later.

i have at the moment not much time, but i try to answer all my emails this evening, sorry that it takes a little while.


From the H-Litter only our Blue Tortie Dream Honolulu looks for a new home.

Our J-Litter is now online :))

I try to update also new pics from the H´s and I´s in the next days.



Also some new pics of the H-Babes (they dont have so much time for shooting ;-)) and some more from the I-Litter

Guapita have now found at least her finally wonderful home, we are so glad about this! :-)))


With a little bit more time, i try to update a bit more-

our surprise I-Litter is now finally online.

Gamina is now to find at our youngster


And new pics from Farun, Emma B Loved, Amira Princess, Chanice Princess, Farya Fee & Firlefanz Famiel ,


New pics from our H-Babys :-)

The time goes so fast, so in short time they are going to be neuters.



Some new pics from our Darling Gina Genesis


Some new pics from our H-Cuties.Also 2 new pics from Leah Lindos wonderful eyes:-) In the next days i update also a lot of new pics from our "old" Babys ;-) Thanks a lot to the owners of them, that they send me so often new infos and also pics :-))


At the moment the cuties dont have time for my foto-shooting, so i try it the next days again to get some nice pics...

We have some news on the plan-site :)
Some Infos for our plans with Endless Love are online and we have super nice days in denmark :-))



Again only time for a short update, some new pics of the sweethearts with one week. :)


Only a short update- but with good news :-)
Lolita gave birth to 4 wonderful blue sweethearts :-) Kittensite is ready, but the sites for every kitten are not readdy at the moment, but coming soon with much and mo

re pics ;-)))


Its time to say goodbye, so some of our babys leave in their new homes, we wish them all the best :-) The first pictures also arrived, i show them later here on their sites. Thanks a lot for this :)


It gives new showresults from Hamburg, a nice weekend with friends we have, Endless Love starts with 10 months and some days in open class and get both days against competition her first CAC`s. She became excellent and super judgement ,we are really proud on her :) Also our Darling Katitzi- she is now Premior and won both days the BIV against beautiful males, at sunday also she get the nomination. :)

And now i have update also the babysites with new pictures :-) and also some new from Salsa, Endless Love and Katitzi


13/02/09- After some looonger days of sickness, finally i update today the kitten-sites with new pictures :) Also it gives a new pic from Endless Love

01/02/09- Today i have make some new pictures from both litters with 8,5 weeks :) Also it gives some new pictures from Endless Love

29/01/09- New Pics from Big Daddy Kane :-))

23.01.09- Finally a lot of pics from all Babys :-)

19/01/09- New pictures from Cascaya Corazon, Emma B Loved, Amira Princess, news on the plansite ,

16/01/09- New pics from our sweetys :))

12/01/09- New pics from all kittens and new showresults

06.01.09: Gina Genesis av Verden is finaly here :-)))

CH DK*Mi-Chi´s Leah Lindo is Place 4 in the Top Ten 2008 Semilonghair from DEKZV; we are really proud of our mummy :-)

04.01.09: New pics from both litters :)

Note: Last Week my Notebook have a crash and all my mails and files are broken :-( So i didnt have the mails and contact-adresses from much people.When you have write me, and i didnt have answered, PLEASE write me again, that i can write again.

30/12/08- New snapshoots from the pictures, pity, also some 3rd week pictures are lost :-( New pics with 4 weeks, are following the next days (when the sweetys agree with my plans ;-)) )




23/12/08- New pictures from Amira, Emma, Davina, some few pics from our G-Litter with 2,5 weeks

Now finally i have time to update the baby-pages, lot of new pics from both litters, they are all soo adorable :))


New showresults from Balingen

Easy 2 Love Ex1, BIV, Nom - and BIS Special NFO Show


Also Emblas Kitten are now one week old, so it give today new pictures. Embla is also an adorable great mummy and the sweethearts develop super :)

09/12/08 New pictures of Leahs wonderful kittens, they are now one week old and develop really wonderful.

And Emblas "Suprise" is online :) Our dear special sweetheart gave birth to a wonderful quintett. Now i have time to put the first pics of them online :)

02/12/08 Leah gave birth to wonderful miracles and we are so happy and proud :-)) Pics soon!

24/11/08 - New pics from Salsa, Emma, Amira,

12/11/08 -new pics from Davina Diadem and new showresults from Easy 2 Love from his first show :)

06/11/08- New pics from Big Daddy Kane , Emma B Loved/Amira,

23/10/08- New pics from Di-Lena, Anjouli Fee, Emma/Amira, Salsa, & Embla, :) And some new on Kittenpage :))

07/10/08 - New Showresults, new pictures from Embla and from Easy 2 Love from Switzerland- THANKS Anna:))


26/09/08- Today Mi-Chi´s Leah Lindo was scanned HCM Normal :-)))


new pics from Katitzi, Embla and Davina Diadem , some new pics in the gallery


new pics from Easy 2 Love, Emma, Chanice, Endless Love and Cassidy Cane


Sorry my Notebook doesn´t work, i try to answer my mails in the next days.

New show-results, new pictures from Endless Love, Leah Lindo and Embla

??? ;-)

Thanks Ingrid for this sooo sweet painted picture :-))

My daughter Emilia with Twinkle Kitty´s Easy 2 Love