We have Babys! :-)


Twinkle Kitty´s I´m Jadakiss , 12 months old,

get on Sunday his 2. CAC ,NOM, Best in Show and

my cute and cuddling Teddy ;-)

our YoungstAr and Sunshine Dinesh Notabene *PL

became both days exellent judgements and get both days the nomination :)

Twinkle Kitty´s Illusions Nezzaya (lives in the Wunderbaum-cattery)

get super judgements both day, get her first points in open class and get the BIV on saturday:-)) congratulations :))

Our K-Litter

Happy Birthday

Jadakiss (and our other 2 I-Kittens) celebrate their first birthday on 26/04 :)


Twinkle Kitty´s Davina Diadem and Di-Lena Dahlia - so wonderful they growed up... thanks for the pics :))

Welcome home, my "Cremylicious"

Twinkle Kitty´s Ja Rule, 6 Monate

Twinkle Kitty´s I´m Jadakiss (8 Mon, Foto oben)

IC DK* Rimturser´s Salsa im Schnee (Februar 2010, Foto unten)

DK * Mi Chi´s Leah Lindo






We visit today our "Baby" Twinkle Kitty´s Big Daddy Kane, in march 2009 he celebrate his 2. Birthday, and he develope like a "lion" :)

Big Daddy is a child from IC DK*Rimturser´s Salsa x E* Cio Cio San´s Diluida Lolita


Leah (stay of course at home with the babys) get a big cup for her 4th place in the Top Ten :-))

We are proud of our darlings :)))


Our Darling and new mummy Leah Lindo is place 4 in the TOP TEN Semilonghair from 1.DEKZV

some new pics from Guapita Cerita

Davina send greetings from Berlin, Thanks a lot for this beauty pic from Davina :-))


DK* Mi-Chi´s Leah Lindo

-05.04.08 in Walsrode (Fife- 1.DEKZV ev)

Ex 1, BIV Total & nomination


DK* Mi-Chi´s Leah Lindo

-in Grömitz (Fife- Cats CC)

Saturday Ex 1, BIV Total , nom

and BEST IN SHOW ! :-))

Sunday: Ex1, BIV Total, nom


Salsa Januar 08

IC DK* Rimturser´s Salsa 08.01.2008




Salsa is now International Champion :-))




30.09.2006 / 01.10.2006 - Schneverdingen 1.DEKZV - FiFé

DK*Rimturser´s Salsa

with 11 months

both days nom. Best in Show

both days Best in Show

!! both days!! BEST OF BEST PLACE 1





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