creme silver classic tabby

NFO es 22

DoB: 25/11/09

A- dd I- OO ss tbtb ww

GSD IV free (n/n)

co-owned with

D* vom Wunderbaum


IC  Dior Star Duma Wikinga*PL  

NFO f 09 22


EC S* Animaniac´s Get Shorty

NFO ds 22 (HCM normal 04/2010)


Now it comes again a bit "fresh wind" in our home.

Dinesh have bewitched us totaly, love on second look.;-)

It seems in start that he dont like photos so much, so it was hard to decide from pictures, but he dont go out of our head,

so in the end we drove 800 km to him, to meet him and his family. And i have sense it before, that i surely lost my heart, and .. i do ;-)

Longer we have thinked about to look for a male with theese points , he have all this in one beautiful and purring package ;-)

A very loong and stroong babymale, with 12 weeks he have 2 kilos, and now with 17 weeks he is very near at the 3 kg.

Very long and high on legs, wonderful long triangle head, super straight profile and strong chin, big ears, long tuffts , so he complement very good to our strong boys.

Surely he dont have at the moment the "explode-couch-pillow-look" like his siblings, but he looks like a little "porcupine" with all his loooong Guardian-hairs :-)

We are very happy together with our friends "vom Wunderbaum" over this Youngster in our catterys.

And we are very exited how he develope .. he is a reaaal and soo purring sweetheart. :))

BIG Thanks to Basia and Tomek and that we have now this Jewel in our house, and also a big Thanks to Leszka, Maja, Viola for such wonderful days :)

4 months old

Dinesh mit 4 Monaten



one day in our home



He loves Gamina.. and Gamina loves him and enjoy ;-)

20 minutes after long travel , he lays in our bed:-)

13, 5 Wochen


13 Weeks at our visit



More pictures from his Babyage- in is gallery